I have a pretty simple warranty – if something breaks or malfunctions because of mechanical issues or failure during normal use, I’ll fix it. If the knife has been modified, “pimped,” or if I determine upon inspection that the knife has been abused, the warranty is void. This policy regarding modifications, “pimping,” and abuse applies to both customs and midtechs. At the bottom line, I stand behind my work but can’t be held responsible for work done by others.

Repair Turnaround Time

If you send in your knife for repair, I will inspect and advise as to whether the repairs are covered under warranty or if the knife will be returned to you. If a repair is necessary, please plan for at least a 3-6 month turnaround time.

Refubs or "Spa"

I no longer offer a refurbishment or “spa” service for my knives. The process is simply too time consuming and cost-ineffective for all involved. This includes refreshing a hamon, re-blasting handles, polishing or re-anodizing parts or other cosmetic refurbishment. Use and enjoy your blade!


I neither offer nor perform modifications to existing knives, whether functional or cosmetic.


I highly recommend stropping your knives to maintain the edge. A few swipes will keep your edge aligned and keep your knife slicing nicely. I also like to use the Spyderco Sharpmaker’s white sticks. If you would rather I resharpen your knife, you can contact me and I’ll put a new edge on it for the cost of return shipping.


I do not recommend disassembly of my knives for any reason. Some of the knives use loose ball bearings, and others involve a specific assembly method. Often times screws get stripped or otherwise damaged when a customer disassembles a knife. For carbon steel blades, I recommend liquid Flitz polish to clean, followed by a treatment with Renaissance Wax to protect against oxidation. These products can be easily sourced online via Amazon or other outlets, or via your local hardware store.