Burchtree Bladeworks Hand-Made Mugs

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These Burchtree Bladeworks mugs are made by hand in the USA by Deneen Pottery. This the first run of mugs and they have 2016 stamped on the bottom. They are being offered individually, or as a set. The Tall Belly mug holds 14+ ounces in sage green with a dijon-white glaze at $41.50. The Norg Tankard is 18+ ounces in black with a cinnamon-white glaze at $46.50. We also have a few sets (one of each) available at $84.

Use the PayPal button(s) below to purchase. Prices include US shipping and if you’re a Missouri resident, sales tax will be automatically included at checkout through PayPal. If you’re an international buyer, please purchase using the PayPal button below and I will contact you regarding additional shipping charges.

Two-Mug Set: *** SOLD OUT ***

Green Tall Belly Mug: *** SOLD OUT ***

Black Norg Mug: *** SOLD OUT ***